My self care routine in the pandemic.

When the pandemic commenced in India around March , like most of the people I thought it’s just a matter of time and things will get back to their normal course in no time. However, that didn’t happen and we had to adapt the isolation as a routine in our life. Due to the lockdown , there was nowhere to go and I began loosing my sanity. Consequently, I decided to make the most out this situation by incorporating various healthy lifestyle habits in my daily life.

Admittedly, at the inception it was difficult for me to keep up with the daily routine as I was learning and making mistakes. But, in no time I adapted the routine according to my convenience and saw a drastic transformation in me. So , I wanted to share my overall self growth journey with everyone. I hope it might help you guys to elevate your transformation game.


Right after waking up and having my glass of water . I head up to practice Yoga namaskar which is extremely beneficial for strengthening our spine and muscles. The spine and brain are the central nervous system of our body. The brain commands and the spine carries the messages sent by brain to the the body and from the body to the brain. However, when we sit clumsily our muscles get feeble and our brain does not work to its full capabilities. But, with the practice of yoga namaskar the muscles and spines are strenghted . Hence, it improves the functioning of our whole body. It has other benefits like weight loss, improved complexion, better functioning of digestive system, helps combat insomnia so on and so forth.


During school time , I was foreign to the benefits of meditation . All I knew about it was that it exists. But the pandemic almost made me loose my sanity, so I would do anything to keep calm. Consequently, I commenced meditating for 10 minutes only. I began feeling the natural upsurge of energy and optimism. My perception towards life transmuted completely. There has been no going back ever since that day. I have never skipped my meditation session.

Nonetheless, it is quite difficult to bring consistency in everything we do. However, consistency matters more than the time you are spending on doing a task. Conversely, practice it for 3-5 minutes a day but just do it, and you will start reaping the results.


We are what we eat. The food we consume breakdowns into smaller units and forms the cells and tissue that further help in functioning of our body. It is crucial to take diet full of healthy minerals, vitamins, nutrients and protein. So. I incorporated nuts, flaxseeds , chia seeds , pumpkin seeds, fish , quinoa, brown rice, legumes , vegetables , fruits ,eggs and nut butters in my diet, as they are rich in omega-3 and protein . I have noticed the benefits of eating healthy on my mental health , physical health and my skin too.


Reading expands our mind. When we read , we try to understand the meaning with concentration and hence it makes various areas of our brain more active. Furthermore, it enhances our vocabulary, concentration and percpective. I have witnessed these benefits of reading. I have become more vigilant and rational after including reading and writing in my daily routine.


We all are familiar with the physical benefits of exercise. However, it has plethora of other benefits too. When we workout , our body releases chemicals that helps boost our spirit and relax our mind. Consequently, exercise stimulates the release of protein that further improve the structure and function of our body.

To sum up, the pandemic has helped me drastically in every aspect of my life. My transformation instigated me to share my journey with everyone. I hope this article adds some value to your life.